A Unique, Collegiate Young Artist Program


Located on the shore of Lake Michigan’s Little Traverse Bay in northern Michigan, the Bay View community is situated at the heart of one of the United States’ most beautiful resort areas. Students find the natural beauty of the area, the experience and dedication of the artists, and the warm support of the community a wonderful and rewarding experience. The Festival lays claim as the longest continuously operating chamber music festival in the United States and continues to impress the college and post-college students year after year who come seeking additional training, perspective, refreshment, and the inspiration needed to pursue a career in the arts. We are delighted to report that graduates of the program, much like the faculty, are actively involved in the performing arts all over the world as soloists, ensemble members, administrators, and faculty.

Come, join us for 10 days, 3, 5 or 6 weeks (depends on program), and find the focus, serenity, and expertise needed to pursue a career in vocal or chamber music!

Call 231-225-8877 or email chris@bayviewassociation.org for more details.

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