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Bay View Swimming Program

Bay View Swim Lessons will run from July 6 – Aug 14. There are three types of swim lessons being offered this summer

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Individual Private Lesson

$30 per hour for a non-certified instructor

$50 per hour for a certified instructor

Family Lessons (limit of two family members)

$20 per hour for a non-certified instructor

$30 per hour for a certified instructor

Please note: the shortest individual or family lesson time that can be scheduled is a 30-minute block. These lessons can be reserved and paid for online. Please coordinate directly with the swim staff at the waterfront to finalize the date, time, and assigned instructor for your lesson. These lessons will normally happen between 3:30-5 pm.


Swim Lessons will take place in 2 x (3-week blocks)  Block 1 – runs from July 6 – 24,

Block 2 – runs from July 27 – August 14. Between the hours of 1:00-3:15 pm.


Block 1 - Swim Lessons-  3 Weeks of Mon, Wed, Fri – Total of 9  (30 minute) lessons - Cost $67.50

Block 2 - Swim Lessons - 3 Weeks of Tues, Thurs – Total of 6 (30 minute) lessons - Cost $45


Level 1 will be offered only if parents accompany their child and participate in the lesson. This will allow the instructors to demonstrate proper holding and support techniques and for parents to mirror the instruction with their children during this time of social distancing. 

Levels 2 -6 will run with an instructor to student ratio of 1:2. All classes must fill to a minimum capacity of 4 swimmers to be offered. 


Levels 1 & 2 will take place in the kid’s pool.

Level 3-6 will take place in the lake.


If you are uncertain of which level to place your child please contact Bill Hauschild at william.hauschild@athletesinaction.org  If your child did swim lessons with us last summer at Bay View, we have a record of where they left off. Please don’t assume that they should move up a level just because they are a year older. If you’ve never done swim lessons at Bay View or your child participated in swim lessons over the winter but you aren’t sure what level to register them for, we’ve included a one-page skills list for each level of swimming. 

On the first day of class, we will have each of the swimmers demonstrate the exit skills test from the level below their scheduled level to ensure they are at the correct level (i.e swimmer registered for Level 2 will be tested on the exit skills for Level 1). Please don’t register your child for Level 2 if they aren’t familiar and able to pass all Level 1 skills. Instructors will not be able to safely socially distance with swimmers that need considerable support in the water to perform skills. If this happens, we will have to remove your child from lessons or reschedule them in an available Level 1 Parent/Child class.

Lesson Time Lesson Level
1:00-1:30pm Level 1 & 3
1:35-2:05pm Level 2 & 4
2:10-2:40pm Level 2 & 4
2:45-3:15pm Level 3 & 5/6 (combined)
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