An Annual Tradition

Since 1977 the Handbell Choir has performed in John M. Hall to an audience from around the country and including Europe. People travel here to listen to the sound of handbells ringing in Bay View. Recently while attending the National Handbell Seminar in Portland, Oregon, Pamela Bayes, former Bay View member and wife of conductor, Carl E. Wiltse, shared that those living in the northwest know about the annual handbell choir that entertains in Bay View. Pamela and Carl now reside in Scotland but Pamela hasn’t forgotten her childhood summers in Bay View. She and Carl look forward to their week in August with family and the artistic presentation of the handbell ringers under his direction. For over three decades, the Handbell Choir has raised money to support Music Scholarships for Bay View.


The highlight of this week for the handbell choir is in donating all the proceeds from their concert for music scholarships. A very generous gift when you think about over 30 years of giving back to the Bay View community. Each year the 100+ handbell musicians from across the USA, Canada and Europe are selected to perform in the “Donald E. Allured Bay View Week of Handbells” in August. If you have never attended this festive gathering or heard the sweet touch and majestic ringing of the handbells, it’s a must see event!