The Scarrow Friday Forums

10:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M. – VOORHIES HALL

The Scarrow Friday Forum is a longstanding Bay View tradition (named in honor of founders David and Janet Scarrow) in which speakers from all walks of life cover a wide range of topics.

Attendance is free and open to the public, although good-will donations are gratefully accepted to help defray costs.


June 23    Fake News and Conspiracy TheoriesNorth Central Michigan College political science professor Scott LaDeur, Ph.D.will discuss why people are vulnerable to believing fake news and conspiracy theories, and he will examine the media’s powerful role in shaping public opinionLaDeur will offer tips in how to identify “fake news” and to evaluate media stories from all political points of view, in an objective and honest manner.

June 30    Keep ‘Em Fighting: Chris-Craft’s Contribution to WWII — On December 7, 1941, a military strike at Pearl Harbor led the United States into World War II. In Michigan, the Chris-Craft Corporation, founded in 1922 in Algonac,  quickly transitioned from building pleasure boats to constructing landing craft for the war effort at plants in Algonac, Holland, and Cadillac. Join boating industry historian Geoffrey Reynolds to learn more about Chris-Craft’s role in America’s Arsenal of Democracy.

July 7    Things to Know Before Renovating, Remodeling, or Enlarging Your Bay View Cottage — Are you considering remodeling, renovating, or enlarging your Bay View cottage? Are you bewildered by Bay View’s architectural review process? Confused by the complexity of the Green Book? Wondering how to avoid pitfalls and time delays when seeking approvals?  Bay View member and retired architect Dick Mitchell will explain what the Green Book is, why we need it, and how to make the building application process less daunting. 

July 21    The Art and Science of Scoring Films — The Education and Performing Arts programs have teamed up to bring Grammy-nominated composer and keyboardist Scott Healy to Bay View July 21 – 24. Healy’s Ted Talk-style presentation at the Friday Forum will appeal to movie buffs, music buffs, and non-musicians alike. He will show on the screen and demonstrate at the keyboard music scores by the likes of Henry Mancini, Elmer Bernstein and Bernard Hermann; he will show clips from film noir and High-Hollywood style films from the 1950s, and will contrast their more traditional style of music writing with today’s computer-based composing that almost anyone with a laptop can do.

July 28    Socialism, Capitalism and the Political Divide: A Look at the Past to Help Decide Our Future — For much of the 20th Century, the world debated whether to embrace socialism or capitalism. Riots, uprisings and wars were waged to settle the matter. A hundred years later, the evidence is clear: all wealthy or emerging countries have fostered prosperity with a freer economic system. Yet, the debate rages on. Young people today say they are more open to socialism than ever before.  

Jarrett Skorup’s talk will take a look at the history of socialism and capitalism and what those terms have come to mean. It will attempt to bridge the political divide to take a look at what should influence us as we debate the future.

Aug. 4    An Intergenerational Perspective on the Odawa Experience in Northern Michigan — Matthew Fletcher, Professor of Law at the University of Michigan, and Wenona Singel, Associate Professor of Law at Michigan State University, share their families’ experiences in the Friday Forum timeslot as part of their mini-American Experience 3-lecture series.

Aug. 11    Exploring Patterns of India: An In-Depth Look at the Colors, Architecture and Textiles of Rajasthan — Christine Chitnis spent more than a decade traveling through, and falling in love with, the intricate patterns and beauty of Rajasthan. Her book Patterns of India is a visual feast interweaving history and culture-based essays with more than 200 photographs of architecture, markets, cuisine, art, textiles, and daily life. Chitnis’s talk will appeal to photographers, architects, decorators, designers, students of other cultures, anyone with wanderlust, and anyone who loves exuberant color and breathtaking scenery. 

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