Audition Requirements


Three contrasting selections, preferably one in Italian and one in English or music theater. If you are interested in Violetta, Alfredo or Germont, offering an aria for the appropriate role is encouraged. If you are auditioning for Lumiere, Beast, Belle or Mrs. Potts, see below. NOTE: ALL Opera cast will participate in community/ conservatory production of Beauty and the Beast.


If auditioning for principle role, sing a 32 mm. cut from the song below. If you are only interested in supporting role, any musical theater song is fine. Belle (Belle); Beast (If I Can’t Love Her); Lumiere (Be Our Guest); Mrs. Potts (Beauty and the Beast). NOTE: Opera cast will participate in community/conservatory production of Beauty and the Beast.


Please prepare 3 contrasting selections from art song, aria or music theater. Your choice. One in a language other than English preferred.


Two contrasting selections, at least one a spiritual.

Locations & Deadlines for 2020

  • Online – Anytime before Feb. 1, 2020, or until the following roles are filled:
    • Beauty and the Beast – Gaston, Beast
    • La Traviata – Gastone/Giuseppe
    • American Spirituals Intensive – all voice parts
  • Ann Arbor, MI on Sat., Nov. 16 from 1-4pm at U of M Moore Building, 1100 Baits Drive
  • Bloomington, IN on Sun., Nov. 17 from 1-4pm at Jacobs School, 3rd & Jordan, East Studio Building
  • Iowa City, IA on Mon., Nov. 18 from 7-9pm in Recital Hall at University of Iowa
  • Lexington, KY on Sat., Nov. 23 from 1-3pm at Schmidt Vocal Arts Center, 412 Rose Street
  • Columbus, OH on Sat., Nov. 23 from 2-4pm at OSU Mershon Auditorium, 1871 North High Street
  • Champaign-Urbana, IL on Sat., Dec. 7 from 10am-1pm in Smith 25, Smith Memorial Hall, University of Illinois
  • New York City, NY on Sat., Dec. 7 from 1-4pm at Ripley Greer Studio, 520 8th Avenue, Room 16P

Voice deadline is no later than 12am five days prior to the audition deadline except online. (i.e. Nov. 14 for Nov. 19 audition)


For most auditions, a pianist is provided by the festival as an option, at a cost of $20 payable to the pianist directly, just before you sing. If you would rather bring your own pianist, that is fine. Cash or check only, no credit cards.