Classifications of Membership*

From the Bay View Association By-Laws:

Leaseholding Members

Leaseholding Members are those persons who are currently leaseholders of property in Bay View. The term “Leaseholding Member” includes a member who is either a beneficiary or a trustee of a trust holding a Bay View leasehold. Subject to paragraphs 1-C and 1-F, only a Leaseholding Member shall be entitled to vote at any meeting of the membership of the Association. Each Leaseholding Member is entitled to one vote. They shall also be entitled to membership rates for all Bay View activities. Upon termination of a Leaseholding Membership, the member automatically becomes an Associate Member.

Associate Members

Associate Members are those persons who are not Leaseholding Members but who have been accepted for membership by the Board of Trustees. They shall have no right to vote at any membership meeting of the Association, but they shall be entitled to membership rates for all Bay View activities.

*When applying for membership, one applies for an Associate Membership. One becomes a Leaseholding Member after being added to a lease or with the purchase of a cottage.

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The Bay View Association is located just outside of Petoskey, Michigan on the shore of Little Traverse Bay.

1715 Encampment Ave
P.O. Box 583
Petoskey, MI 49770

Phone: 231-347-6225



Our Mission

To be an institution in which Christian values and traditions are central; To enrich the human experience for individuals and families within Bay View and the surrounding community through a seasonal program of religious, educational, cultural and recreational opportunities; to provide a Christian perspective in a changing world.

The Bay View Association is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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